Mental Health Practitioners

We support people who are suffering from a wide range of mental health conditions, including people with high levels of need and complexity. We have introduced Mental Health Practitioners to support individuals in the community.

How it works

The Mental Health Practitioner can offer individuals a 45-minute appointment to discuss their difficulties and symptoms in more detail. These appointments can be either by telephone or face-to-face. The Practitioner will be able to utilise their knowledge of mental health services to make an ‘Onwards Journey’ with the patient. Based on their presentation and goals, this will link them to the most beneficial service.

The Practitioner is part of the Living Well Service. Living Well supports those patients who “fall between the gap” between primary and secondary services. If the Practitioner feels the person is appropriate for Living Well, they can refer them and hand them over directly. The Practitioner will be able to support with liaison with mental services.

The benefits

By making it easier for patients to access mental health support, patients will have quicker access to diagnosis and treatment. This will help them manage their conditions more effectively and recover faster, so they can return to normal life quickly. It will also help GPs to manage their workload more effectively and reduce the need for onward referrals.

How to access this service

Your GP practices have a dedicated team of care coordinators who can help signpost you to the right mental wellbeing services for your needs.

Photo by Ümit Bulut on Unsplash