Healthcare Assistant 2


37.5 hours per week -2

Number of Posts:



£12 – £14 per hour + NHS Pension


Surgeries within the PCN

Reports to:

PCN Clinical Director, PCN Operations Manager

Vacancy closure:

5 April 2023

We are seeking an experienced, self-motivated, hard-working, and patient focused healthcare assistant to join our PCN. They will work closely with the GPs and other primary care professionals within the PCN to proactively identify and manage a caseload of patients, making sure that holistic support and is made available to them and that their complex needs are addressed. They may also be asked to contribute towards other administrate tasks within the GP Practice or PCN.

Clinically, the focus of the role is to undertake clinical activities within the PCN team as requested. E.g., SMI work, health checks, learning disability checks and Diabetes checks etc, as required by the PCN and according to training and competencies.

Please note you must have a minimum 6 months of relevant UK experience.

Job Purpose

  1. The role involves working very closely with the practices and the multidisciplinary team (MDT) within the PCN. The role is pivotal in ensuring all patients receive the best possible care and service.
  2. To assist in the development and implementation of change to improve the service provision in the PCN
  3. To work collaboratively with colleagues across health, social care and the third sector to provide patient-centred, integrated care.

Job Description:

  1. Undertake annual health checks for patients with Long-term conditions as per the requirements of QoF. This will include completing the template available on the GP systems and will include any requirements of locally commissioned services.
  2. Support delivery of the PCN DES/ Impact and Investment fund with a particular focus on early identification and proactive management of cardiovascular disease as well as tackling health inequalities.
  3. Undertake health checks remotely using a portable testing kit for those individuals who are unable to access the GP practice. This will include undertaking home visits.
  4. Follow up on health check findings and liaising with GP/practice team about any onward referrals or interventions required.
  5. Accurately record clinical results on the practice clinical systems (EMIS)
  6. Carry out phlebotomy as required. Ensure specimens are recorded and ready for onward transportation.
  7. Encourage patients to attend relevant health promotion programmes and healthcare professionals.
  8. Build trusting and collaborative relationships with patients.
  9. Understand the importance of monitoring of physical health in all patients and provide basic education on health and well-being (this should include smoking cessation and weight loss as a minimum)


  • Carry out administrative tasks for example, but not limited to, call and recall activities and stock takes as directed by senior members of the Practice & PCN Management team.
  • Support and participate in shared learning.
  • Provide feedback on service performance.
  • Participate in clinical audits and research to inform service delivery and development.
  • Any other delegated duties considered appropriate to the post

Clinical System / Medical Records:

  • Familiarity with the clinical system -EMIS
  • Utilise EMIS to record all treatment and care, applying all appropriate templates and protocols relating to recording of patient data.
  • Extraction of necessary data from clinical correspondence and input into Electronic Patient Record, i.e., GP2GP and Docman system
  • Ensure full and accurate recording in the patient’s computerised records.


In the performance of the duties outlined in this Job Description, the post-holder may have access to confidential information relating to patients and their carers, Practice staff and other healthcare workers.  They may also have access to information relating to the Practice and PCN as a business organisation.  All such information from any source is to be regarded as strictly confidential.

Information relating to patients, carers, colleagues, other healthcare workers or the business of the practice may only be divulged to authorised persons in accordance with the practice policies and procedures relating to confidentiality and the protection of personal and sensitive data.

Health & Safety:

The post-holder will assist in promoting and maintaining their own and others’ health, safety and security as defined in the Practice Health & Safety Policy, to include:

  • Identifying the risks involved in work activities and undertaking such activities in a way that manages those risks
  • Making effective use of training to update knowledge and skills
  • Using appropriate infection control procedures, maintaining work areas in a tidy and safe way and free from hazards
  • Reporting potential risks identified

Equality and Diversity:

The post-holder will support the equality, diversity and rights of patients, carers and colleagues, to include:

  • Acting in a way that recognizes the importance of people’s rights, interpreting them in a way that is consistent with Practice & PCN procedures and policies, and current legislation
  • Respecting the privacy, dignity, needs and beliefs of patients, carers and colleagues
  • Behaving in a manner which is welcoming to and of the individual, is non-judgmental and respects their circumstances, feelings priorities and rights.

Personal/Professional Development:

The post-holder will participate in any training programme implemented by the Practice/PCN as part of this employment, such training to include:

  • Participation in an annual individual performance review, including taking responsibility for maintaining a record of own personal and/or professional development
  • Taking responsibility for own development, learning and performance and demonstrating skills and activities to others who are undertaking similar work.
  • To recognise and understand the roles and responsibilities of individuals working in the primary health care team.